Dagmar Cimino

President, Interior Designer, Property Stylist

After graduating from university with complimentary degrees in psychology and mass communications, Dagmar began a career in advertising. For several years, she worked for a reputable, top-tier advertising firm in Toronto with expertise in all creative marketing disciplines including brand ideas and strategies, direct to consumer communication, creative development and production. Through here she was blessed to work on truly inspiring, creative work and amazing global brands and leaders of the fortune 500. But it was her long standing passion in the design field that inevitably led her down a different career path.

Often looking at furniture shapes, fabrics, materials, finishes and placement, she often questioned how these things went together and how they could be improved. With a prime motivation of creating distinguished interiors, coupled with her raw talent, One Fine Home Interiors was born. Dagmars signature design style is distinct, classic but with a fresh twist that is flawlessly integrated, luxurious, beautiful and on trend with the latest home style finishes.


“Interior design is the art and craft of creating a beautiful and functional environment.”
Dagmar Cimino


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